I’ve had a few changes in my life so far this year. Some were little things, like adding more chickens to the mismatched flock who live in my backyard (pictured above is Speckles, the Barred Utility hen) and buying a purple ukelele with good intentions of learning to actually play the thing. Others were a bit more dramatic, like my first born starting school. This has freed up a bit more time for writing, so I have been working on a few short stories and some not fiction articles and will keep plugging away with the submissions. I’ve also created Femlitica, a feminist book blog where I post reviews of fiction and non fiction books written by, and about women. You can follow Femlitica on Facebook as well.

I’ve also had a short piece on nerdy parenting published on Whole Woman. I’ll try and be a bit more regular with these updates and hopefully I will have some more published bits and pieces to post about soon.

Tata for now,


From Stage Door Shadows, an anthology of speculative fiction that celebrates the dark side of the entertainment industry, launched yesterday. It will be available in paperback and ebook, and all 25 stories, including mine (House of the Cantomancer) will be online for free for 48 hours. Drop by and have a read!

Once again it’s been a long time between posts. I’m still a busy stay at home mum to a toddler but I now also have a four month old baby. I get to sit at my computer sometimes while breastfeeding but I can only type with one hand and have to keep an eye on the toddler to prevent a repeat of the lovely crayon mural in the living room. What with one thing and another I haven’t had a lot of time for writing fiction lately, but to keep my hand in I’ve started writing short reviews for a site called Weekend Notes. It’s a site full of ideas of fun things to see and do in Brisbane and various other cities.  My latest post is about the works of John Wyndham, an old favourite author of mine whose sci fi novels don’t seem to get read as much these days as I think they deserve to.So far I’ve mostly been posting book reviews but I hope to expand into other subjects. Topic suggestions are always welcome.


Somebody would say, `Can you write us an article about big, bodice-ripping, blockbusting romance novels?’ And I’d say, `Yes, of course,’ because I was a hungry young journalist.~ Neil Gaiman

is now out in paperback! It’s an eclectic collection of short stories by various authors, from Australia and elsewhere, put together to raise money to help victims of the 2010-2011 Queensland floods. My story, Red Planet Blues, is in there and it’s in good company! To quote from the introduction:

“One hundred beautiful stories. Our stories.
When so much was lost or destroyed, this was created.
That’s something that can never recede or wash away.”
~ Kate Eltham – CEO of The Queensland Writers Centre

The Mad Hatter’s Zine Fair is on in Sydney on Saturday (thanks to Tiny Paper Hearts for the tip). Since I’m obsessing about zines at the moment I wish I could be there for it, but I can’t because I’m stuck up here in Brisvegas with my baby. Then again, we have Gencon, the gigantic geeky gaming (try saying that ten times quickly) convention on up here this weekend, so nyah nyah Sydney! My significant other is running an Unknown Armies game there this year, which promises to be exciting.

I will be back soon (really this time!) to post some more about zines and why they interest me. For now, wherever you are, enjoy the weekend!

No, I have not been killed by aliens, but my poor blog has been neglected for quite some time. In the past ten months I finished studying (for the time being), started a new job, moved house, and had my first baby. It’s been an exciting time full of new experiences and challenges. Ironically, the more I have to write about, the less time I have for writing. Now I have once again resolved to make some time for it. No, ‘resolved’ is the wrong word. Resolutions get broken, and that brings guilt. Better just to say that I will try harder to make time for writing. My baby is starting to sleep a little more often, so I should be able to snatch a bit of time at the computer here and there. I will start working in earnest on some new short stories, and see about doing some book and zine reviews over the next few months.

Oh, and speaking of aliens, I hear there is to be a fifth Alien film. Please excuse me while I do a Happy Fangirl Dance. I’m very pleased that Ridley Scott will be back on board as the director. Much as I enjoyed James Cameron’s very different action/war movie sequel, Aliens (Ripley is one of the toughest mother figures in cinema, matched only by Sarah Connor in Terminator 2), and the strange, dreamlike vibe that Jean-Pierre Jeunet gave to Alien: Resurrection, bringing Scott back creates a satisfying sense of going back to the beginning. I don’t care if the critics hate it, I’m going to see this film, even I have have to bring the baby into the cinema with me.

For now, I’d better go and put on another load of nappies.
Signing off.
Come on, cat.

I’m woefully behind in my nanowrimo novel so far, and unlikely to finish. Ah well. I’m giving it my best shot. Sometimes life just gets in the way. In case anyone’s interested, my Nano screenname is Grand Moff Taco (yep, I like Star Wars a lot) and my novel, if I ever finish it, will be a detective story set right here in Brisbane. Good luck to my fellow travellers!

Just a quick note to say that I’m doing Nanowrimo this year. I’d post a web badge, but the site keeps going down on me (apparently it’s usually tricky to access for the first few days, then improves). My word count so far is just 1138 (ie. woefully behind already, since I’m supposed to be up to 5000 or so), but I may still catch up. This is my first attempt, so wish me luck!

Oooh shiny!Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere is available online for free! It’s for a limited time only, so hurry if you want to download it or read it online. USA Today describes it as “Delightful…Inventively horrific…[It] draws equally from George Lucas, Monty Python, Doctor Who, and John Milton… The chimerical stuff of nightmare and daydream.” I love it. Croup and Vandemar are such memorable villains, and the world of London Below is fascinating. The only thing I don’t like about it is that I get a bit tired of reading in books like this by English writers how wonderful London is. Don’t get me wrong, it is an interesting place, but there are other cities which are just as full of quirky little bits of history and narrative possibilities and it would be nice to hear about some of them for a change.

Gaiman’s new novel, The Graveyard Book comes out next Tuesday. Apparently it’s a homage to The Jungle Book, which appeals to me since I loved Kipling as a child. I’m also a major Gaiman fan, having devoured the Sandman series and his novels. It’s a wonder I get any writing done at all when there are so many good books in the world to read.

For anyone reading this who is also in or near Brisvegas, and is interested in writing or literature, the Brisbane Writers Festival is on soon. It runs from the 17th to the 21st of September, and they’re taking bookings now for ticketed events. I’ve just been looking through the program and there are some interesting panel discussions I want to get along to. I’m looking forward to it.

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