The Mad Hatter’s Zine Fair is on in Sydney on Saturday (thanks to Tiny Paper Hearts for the tip). Since I’m obsessing about zines at the moment I wish I could be there for it, but I can’t because I’m stuck up here in Brisvegas with my baby. Then again, we have Gencon, the gigantic geeky gaming (try saying that ten times quickly) convention on up here this weekend, so nyah nyah Sydney! My significant other is running an Unknown Armies game there this year, which promises to be exciting.

I will be back soon (really this time!) to post some more about zines and why they interest me. For now, wherever you are, enjoy the weekend!

This week I’m spending some time at Gen Con. It’s high time we had another big convention in Brisvegas. Yesterday I went to some very interesting panel discussions about writing with Ian Irvine, Sean Williams and Marianne de Pierres.

I haven’t read anything by Ian Irvine or Marianne de Pierres before, but I’ve just picked up a copy of Nylon Angel, the first of her Parrish Plessis cyberpunk series, which is now teetering at the top of the enormous pile of soon-to-be-read books on my bedside table.

I’ve been a fan of Sean Williams for some years now, so it was exciting to meet him, and I found his ‘ten and a half commandments for writing’ very helpful. This morning I’ve been poking about on his website and found this, which also looks useful. By the way, is it just me, or does he look a bit like Simon Pegg?

I’m feeling very inspired right now. There will be some more short stories coming soon…