I just found this writing site:

A Content Creation Site and Writers Community

A Content Creation Site and Writers' Community

I’m in the process of reading through some of the fiction that’s up there. So far I’m really enjoying the Jake and Logan detective stories. I like the wry sense of humour and the quirkiness of them. The site also has a forum for writers, which looks to be pretty friendly and helpful. I reccomend checking it out.


Khimairal Ink is a literary zine, specialising in stories featuring lesbian protagonists. It’s now
out quarterly (January, April, July and October). You can read Tupperware Stomp, as well as funny and touching stories by four other writers, here.

This one was my first romance story. It’s not a genre I read much of, but I wanted to challenge myself a little and try and write a romance story that was a little bit unconventional.